Table 1.

Baseline characteristics by intra-abdominal fat area and midthigh muscle area groups

CharacteristicIntra-Abdominal Fat Area (cm2)Midthigh Muscle Area (cm2)
≤118.7 cm2 (n=53)Fat>118.7 cm2 (n=52)Muscle≤99.2 cm2 (n=53)Muscle>99.2 cm2 (n=52)
Intra-abdominal fat area (cm2)70.9±28.3189.3±54.3123.6±79.9135.5±66.4
Midthigh muscle area (cm2)97.6±26.8111.9±27.482.0±11.8127.8±19.2
Demographics and dialysis characteristics
 Age (yr)48.2±17.052.8±16.252.8±18.348.0±14.8
 Men (%)a55623681
 Black (%)b2613931
 White (%)c55797262
 AV fistula (%)66736673
 Duration of ESRD (yr)3.1 (0.8, 4.8)2.3 (1.0, 3.7)2.7 (0.9, 4.4)2.4 (1.0, 4.4)
Clinical characteristics
 Coronary artery disease (%)21292623
 Cerebrovascular disease (%)b17172510
 Peripheral vascular disease (%)11292119
 Congestive heart failure (%)17211919
 Diabetes mellitus (%)c26584242
 Lung disease (%)12191318
 Malignancy (%)8668
 Past/current smoking (%)57404552
 Past/current alcohol use (%)60524963
 Body mass index (kg/m2)b,d24.2±3.832.7±6.026.7±6.630.2±6.0
 Waist circumference (cm)b,d87.9±10.1110.5±12.694.4±16.5104.1±14.2
Laboratory measures
 Hemoglobin (g/dl)11.6±1.212.0±1.411.8±1.211.9±1.5
 Serum calcium (mg/dl)c9.2±0.68.9±0.79.0±0.79.1±0.5
 Serum phosphorus (mg/dl)5.8±1.56.2±1.95.8±1.56.3±2.0
 Urea reduction ratio0.74±0.090.70±0.150.72±0.160.72±0.08
  • Values expressed with a plus/minus sign are the mean±SD. Duration of ESRD is expressed as median (interquartile range). AV, arteriovenous.

  • a P<0.001 for midthigh muscle area.

  • b P<0.05 for midthigh muscle area.

  • c P<0.05 for intra-abdominal fat area.

  • d P<0.001 for intra-abdominal fat area.