Table 1.

CPM development checklist

National Quality Forum Key CriteriaCPM Metric Checklist Items
Evidence, performance gap, and priority (impact)—importance of measurement and reporting (potential metric screening criterion)(1) Evidentiary scope and recognizing the difference between patient and population outcomes; (2) performance gap; (3) impact and priority
Reliability and validity—scientific acceptability of measured properties(1) Statistical reliability; (2) year-over-year reliability; (3) reliable technical precision; (4) facility-level CPM improvements correspond with patient improvements
Feasibility of a measure(1) Infrastructure feasibility
Usability and use of a measure(1) A plausible conceptual model must exist for quality improvement; (2) attributed patients; (3) measure transparency
Comparison with related or competing measuresNot covered in the current publication
  • CPM, clinical performance measure.