Table 2.

Item-scale correlations and internal consistency reliability of the CAHPS-ICH composites

Nephrologists' Communication Quality of CarePatient Information
Q3 (physician listens carefully)0.68a0.230.09
Q4 (physician ease of understanding)0.60a0.300.24
Q5 (physician respect)0.67a0.240.05
Q6 (physician time)0.70a0.350.23
Q7 (physician feeling of care)0.71a0.290.20
Q9 (physician fully informed)0.16a0.090.07
Q10 (dialysis staff listen carefully)0.340.75a0.35
Q11 (dialysis staff ease of understanding)0.310.69a0.31
Q12 (dialysis staff respect)0.380.76a0.35
Q13 (dialysis staff time)0.410.75a0.27
Q14 (dialysis staff feeling of care)0.320.75a0.34
Q15 (dialysis staff comfort)0.350.72a0.25
Q16 (dialysis staff privacy of information)−0.020.22a0.19
Q17 (dialysis staff comfort)0.140.39a0.19
Q21 (dialysis staff little pain with needles)0.090.46a0.14
Q22 (dialysis staff closely monitor)0.300.75a0.26
Q24 (dialysis staff manage problems)0.190.52a0.02
Q25 (dialysis staff professional manner)0.190.65a0.24
Q26 (dialysis staff dietary information)0.020.16a0.23b
Q27 (dialysis staff test explanations)0.240.46a0.36
Q33 (center punctuality)0.160.51a0.21
Q34 (center cleanliness)0.120.51a0.14
Q43 (center problem handling)−0.060.46a−0.03
Q19 (knowledge of access care)0.19b0.14b0.08a
Q28 (provided with written info about patient rights)0.050.21b0.18a
Q29 (dialysis staff review of patient rights)
Q30 (dialysis staff gave health problem advice)0.120.310.32a
Q31 (dialysis staff gave emergency procedure when on hemodialysis machine)
Q36 (treatment option information was received at amount desired)
Q38 (transplant eligibility discussion)
Q39 (peritoneal dialysis as an option discussion)
Q40 (treatment choice involvement was received at amount desired)
Cronbach's α coefficient0.810.900.55
  • Data are presented as correlation coefficients.

  • a Indicates which items correspond to each scale.

  • b Indicates that the item correlates better with another scale rather than its own.