Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of 65 patients treated with initial methylprednisolone use followed by prednisolone (methylprednisolone+prednisolone group) and 60 patients treated with initial prednisolone use (prednisolone group)

Patient CharacteristicsInitial Use of CorticosteroidP Value
Baseline characteristics at initiating corticosteroid
 Age, yr40 [26−59]41 [23−64]0.67
 Men, n (%)45 (69.2)35 (58.3)0.20
 Body mass index, kg/m222.5±2.723.1±2.80.24
 Systolic BP, mmHg118±12125±190.01
 Diastolic BP, mmHg71±1174±120.22
 Use of antihypertensives, n (%)8 (12.3)11 (18.3)0.35
 Serum creatinine, mg/dl0.8 [0.7−1.0]0.9 [0.7−1.5]0.05
 Serum total cholesterol, mg/dl374±105389±1080.45
 Serum albumin, g/dl1.7±0.51.9±0.60.07
 Urinary protein, g/d7.5 [4.1−13.2]9.5 [3.9−15.1]0.50
 Use of intravenous 25% albumin, n (%)30 (46.2)40 (66.7)0.02
 Initial PSL dose, mg/kg0.75±0.130.71±0.160.06
Remission and relapse during observational period
 First remission, n (%)65 (100.0)58 (96.7)
 Time to first remission, db11 [8−20]19 [12−37]<0.001
 First relapse, n (%)b32 (49.2)43 (74.1)0.01
 Time to first relapse, yrc1.0 [0.6−1.5]0.8 [0.4−1.6]0.17
 Entire observational period, yr3.5 [1.8−6.4]4.0 [2.1−7.9]0.17
 Total number of relapses, n per persond0 (0−8)1 (0−9)
 Incidence of relapse, per person-yrd0.0 [0.0−0.5]0.5 [0.0−0.7]0.007
  • Values are given as mean±SD, median [interquartile range], or median (range). Conversion factors for units: serum creatinine in milligrams per deciliter to moles per liter, ×88.4; serum total cholesterol in milligrams per deciliter to moles per liter, ×0.02586. mPSL, methylprednisolone; PSL, prednisolone.

  • a Including 51 (78.5%) patients with initial use of 1 g/d mPSL for 3 days and 14 (21.5%) patients with initial use of 0.5 g/d PSL for 3 days.

  • b Excluding two patients (PSL group) who were censored without remission after receiving immunosuppressive therapy for 29 and 58 days.

  • c Excluding 50 patients who were censored without relapse after receiving immunosuppressive therapy.

  • d During the entire observational period until censoring.