Table 3.

Long-term renal outcomes

Patients with AKI Alive at 14 mo after DischargeCA-AKI (n=686)HA-AKI (n=334)P Value
Alive at 14 mo, n (%)383 (56.0)128 (38.0)<0.001a
CKD at 14 mo, n (%)151 (39.4)43 (33.6)0.24a
De novo CKD, n94 (62.3)26 (60.5)0.86b
Progression of CKD, n57 (37.7)17 (39.5)0.86b
CKD stage at 14 mo, n (%)
 CKD 24 (2.6)0 (0)
 CKD 386 (57)28 (65.1)
 CKD 444 (29.1)13 (30.2)
 CKD 517 (11.3)2 (4.7)0.26b
RRT required at 14 mo, n 6 (1.6)2 (4.7)1.0b
Baseline preadmission Cr (μmol/L)111.2±50.8107.6±33.50.68c
Baseline preadmission eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)64.5±23.363.7±24.40.83c
Cr on discharge (μmol/L)180.4±140.1134.7±51.90.04c
14-mo eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)34.5±14.334.9±11.50.87c
Change in eGFR over 14 mo (ml/min per 1.73 m2)−30−28.80.72d
  • Patients who remained alive 14 months following the AKI episode were analyzed for development of de novo CKD or progression of preexisting CKD, according to whether they had CA-AKI or HA-AKI. Values expressed with a plus/minus sign are the mean±SD. CA-AKI, community-acquired AKI; HA-AKI, hospital-acquired AKI; Cr, creatinine.

  • a P value calculated using Pearson chi-squared test.

  • b P value calculated using Fisher exact test.

  • c P value calculated using ANOVA.

  • d P value calculated using t test.