Table 3.

Post-transplant outcomes associated with CSMEs

CharacteristicCSME Group (n=23)Non-CSME Group (n=177)P Value
Follow-up (yr)2.4±0.92.5±0.80.36
Initial transplant hospitalization cost ($)76,124 (74,951–84,583)79,774 (74,625–86,178)0.45
Initial transplant hospitalization LOS (d)3.0 (3.0–4.0)3.0 (3.0–3.0)0.74
Post-transplant readmissionsa1.0 (0.0–5.0)0.0 (0.0–2.0)0.06
LOS of post-transplant readmissions (d)a5.0 (2.0–14.0)0.0 (0.0–5.5)<0.01
Total costs of post-transplant readmissions ($)a18,091 (3023–56,268)0 (0–15,991)<0.01
Patient survival at end of follow-up100950.27
Graft survival at end of follow-up78900.08
Acute rejection at end of follow-up2690.01
Chronic allograft nephropathy at end of follow-up18160.85
CMV syndrome or disease at end of follow-up960.65
BK viremia or nephropathy at end of follow-up13100.67
  • Data are presented as the mean±SD, median (interquartile range), or percentage. LOS, length of stay; CMV, cytomegalovirus.

  • a Excluding the readmission associated with the CSME event.