Table 4.

AKI events identified by billing codes, serum creatinine, and combined creatinine and urine output criteria: stage (by creatinine criteria) and presence of oliguria

VariableBilling Code AKIAKIcrAKIcr_uop
Stage (by creatinine criteria) (%)
 No AKI27.9a43.0
 Stage 1 AKI20.962.335.3
 Stage 2 AKI16.318.010.2
 Stage 3 AKI34.919.711.5
Urine output <20 ml/hr×24 hr (%)
  • Electronic medical record sample; staging is based solely on serum creatinine criteria. AKIcr, AKI by the creatinine-based criteria; AKIcr_uop, AKI by creatinine- or urine output–based criteria.

  • a 0% by definition.