Table 4.

Rates of catheter-related bloodstream infection for participants with positive blood cultures

Variable Association with CRBSIHazard Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Univariate analysis
 Age (≥75 versus 18–74 yr)0.380.22 to 0.62<0.001
Multivariate analysis
 Age (≥75 versus 18–74 yr)0.390.23 to 0.66<0.001
 Sex (women versus men)1.060.77 to 1.440.73
 Ancestry (African American versus European American/Hispanic)1.330.91 to 1.940.13
 Vintage (1-yr increments)1.010.97 to 1.060.58
 Diabetes mellitus (no versus yes)0.960.70 to 1.320.81
 Tunneled central venous catheter site (internal jugular/subclavian versus femoral)0.520.33 to 0.830.01
 Catheter lock solution (gentamicin/citrate versus heparin/saline)0.770.49 to 1.200.22
 Immunosuppression (yes versus no)1.480.82 to 2.680.22
  • Multivariate analysis adjusted for sex, ancestry, dialysis vintage, diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, dialysis unit, initial tunneled central venous catheter site, first catheter lock solution, and immunosuppression.