Table 3.

Unadjusted and adjusted rates of catheter-related bloodstream infection

Variable Association with CRBSIHazard Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Univariate analysis
 Age (≥75 versus 18–74 yr)0.340.21 to 0.55<0.001
 Sex (women versus men)1.170.89 to 1.540.26
 Ancestry (African American versus European American/Hispanic)1.250.95 to 1.650.12
 Vintage (1-yr increments)1.020.98 to 1.060.29
 Diabetes mellitus (no versus yes)0.890.68 to 1.180.42
 Tunneled central venous catheter site (internal jugular/subclavian versus femoral)0.510.36 to 0.73<0.001
 Catheter lock solution (gentamicin/citrate versus heparin/saline)1.070.75 to 1.520.72
 Immunosuppression (yes versus no)1.610.95 to 2.720.09
Multivariate analysis
 Age (≥75 versus 18–74 yr)0.330.20 to 0.55<0.001
 Sex (women versus men)1.070.80 to 1.420.66
 Ancestry (African American versus European American/Hispanic)1.300.92 to 1.840.13
 Vintage (1-yr increments)1.010.97 to 1.050.66
 Diabetes mellitus (no versus yes)0.880.66 to 1.190.41
 Tunneled central venous catheter site (internal jugular/subclavian versus femoral)0.500.33 to 0.790.002
 Catheter lock solution (gentamicin/citrate versus heparin/saline)0.850.57 to 1.250.40
 Immunosuppression (yes versus no)1.400.81 to 2.430.25
  • Multivariate analysis adjusted for sex, ancestry, dialysis vintage, diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, dialysis unit, initial tunneled central venous catheter site, first catheter lock solution, and immunosuppression. CRBSI, catheter-related bloodstream infection.