Table 2.

Immunosuppression medications and average daily doses before BK viremia diagnosis and throughout study period

VariablePatients Receiving MMF (n)aAverage Daily MMF Dosage±SD (mg/d))bPatients Receiving Tacrolimus (n)cAverage Daily Tacrolimus Dose±SD (mg/d)
BK viremia diagnosis
 P value0.440.73
Study entry
 P value0.350.64
3 mo
 P value0.210.35
6 mo
 P value0.310.25
  • MMF, mycophenolate mofetil.

  • a After diagnosis of BK viremia, MMF was discontinued and replaced with sirolimus (n=1), azathioprine (n=3), or leflunomide (n=4) in some study participants. Two patients began receiving leflunomide after BK viremia diagnosis.

  • b Thirteen patients were receiving mycophenolate sodium. The equivalent MMF dose is reported and used for analysis (e.g., mycophenolate sodium, 720 mg twice daily, is reported as 2000 mg total daily dose of MMF).

  • c Cyclosporine was used in one patient. Two other patients not receiving tacrolimus were receiving sirolimus at the time of BK viremia diagnosis.