Table 4.

Comparison of anatomic abnormalities from discarded and paired control kidneys from the same donor

Biopsy CharacteristicKidney Discarded
for Biopsy Findings (n=83)Randomly
Matched Control (n=166)P Valuea
Aortic plaque (49 pairs)b1.49±1.141.45±1.12NE
Aortic plaque not mentioned32/83 (38.6)28/83 (33.7)0.18
Renal artery plaque (55 pairs)b0.75±0.990.75±1.021.00
Renal artery plaque not mentioned26/83 (31.3)24/83 (28.9)0.42
Cysts noted27/83 (32.5)18/83 (21.7)0.05
Capsular tear/hematoma noted2/83 (2.4)2/83 (2.4)1.00
Normal, no anatomic abnormalities29/83 (34.9)37/83 (44.6)0.05
  • Data are presented as the fraction (%) or mean±SD. NE, not estimable due to too few discordant pairings.

  • a P values for binary data were generated from logistic regression for repeated measures using generalized estimating equations and taking into account the nested correlation induced by kidney laterality within donor (5). P values for parametric data were generated from a signed rank test on the matched case-control differences for clustered data (6). See Supplemental Table 4 for details.

  • b 0, none; 1, mild; 2, moderate; 3, severe.