Table 2.

Incidence of rehospitalization following living donor nephrectomy by patient characteristics

Donor CharacteristicIncidence of All-Cause Rehospitalizations following Initial DischargeIncidence of Non–Pregnancy-Related Rehospitalizations following Initial Discharge
1 Year (%)3 Years (%)P Value1 Year (%)3 Years (%)P Value
 18–39 yr51347
 40–49 yr610610
 50–59 yr5959
 ≥60 yr714714
 African American1018914
Primary payer0.040.10
Depression diagnosis0.040.01
 No 51159
Obesity diagnosis0.540.57
 No 51159
Hypertension diagnosis0.290.24
 No 51159
Hypothyroidism diagnosis0.040.001
 No 51159
Chronic pulmonary disorder diagnosis0.990.67
 No 51259
State of residence0.0040.02
 New York5846
 North Carolina6868
Initial length of stay0.030.02
 <3 d51147
 3–4 d612610
 >4 d715712