Table 1.

Individual data regarding causes and complications of hyponatremia and PNa kinetics-related variables, before DDAVP

Patient No.SexAge (yr)PNai
(mmol/L)Etiologic Factors of HyponatremiaNeurologic ComplicationsaTreatment-Related Variables before DDAVPPNa Kinetics before DDAVP Administration
Hypotonic/Electrolyte-Free Fluid Volume (ml)b3% NaClLoop DiureticΔPNa Pre-DDAVP (mmol/L)cPNa Correction Rate (mmol/L per hour)dUrine Output (ml/h)UNa+UK (mmol/L)eUosm (mOsmol/L)f
1Male51104PSY, POLY, SSRI, NL, ALCS3000/3000YesNo110.42NA73368
3Male61110POLY, SSRI, NLS500/500NoNo91.51140055136
4Female76107HYPO, THZ152750/2750NoNo120.5241246171
5Male 54109POLY, SSRIS3000/2000NoNo150.656502263
6Male 55116PSY, POLY, SSRI, NL151000/1000NoNo111.386252376
8Male 62100POLY, CMZ, ALC51000/1000NoYes130.44NA95384
10Male 54120PSY, POLY, NL, ALC102000/2000NoNo71.7510001132
11Female51117PSY, POLY, THZ, NLS500/250NoNo20.667046194
12Female57111PSY, POLY, NL14250/250NoNo40.33NA866
13Female46109PSY, POLYS1500/1000NoNo221.09NA1858
14Male 82119HYPO, THZS1000/1000NoNo231.77NA54288
15Female71107HYPO, THZ141000/1000NoNo150.51200214118
17Male 40107PSY, NLS500/500NoNo210.952000NA36
18Female57107PSY, POLY, NLS200/200NoNo112.20NA972
19Male 47109POLY, NL, ALC12100/100NoYes122.407141086
20Male 30117PSY, POLY, NL, ALCS750/750NoNo131.307901283
Median (IQR) or n57
(51, 74.8)109
(107, 116.8)3
(3, 14)83 (33, 131)/ 1000 (500, 1625)3211.5
(8.3, 14.5)0.81
(0.46, 1.48)650
(214, 1200)23
(10.5, 54.5)86 (66, 180)
  • PNa, plasma sodium concentration; DDAVP, desmopressin arginine vasopressin; PNai, PNa recorded at hospital admission; PSY, psychosis; POLY, polydipsia; SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; NL, neuroleptic drugs ALC, alcohol abuse; S, seizure(s); NA, not readily available; HYPO, hypovolemia; THZ, thiazide diuretics; CMZ, carbamazepine; IQR, interquartile range; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale.

  • a Occurrence of seizure(s) or lowest GCS score. In the event of seizure(s), patients were attributed a lowest GCS score of 3.

  • b Total volume of hypotonic and electrolyte-free fluids infused before DDAVP administration.

  • c The maximal magnitude of PNa variation (ΔPNa pre-DDAVP) was calculated as the difference between the maximum and PNai.

  • d The PNa correction rate before DDAVP administration was determined as the difference between the last recorded PNa before DDAVP, and PNai, with respect to the time elapsed during this period.

  • e Sum of urine sodium (UNa) and potassium (UK) levels on sampling before DDAVP administration.

  • f Urine osmolarity (Uosm) determined before DDAVP administration, calculated as follows: Uosm=2×(UNa+UK)+Uurea, where Uurea represents urinary urea nitrogen.