Table 3.

Multilevel mixed linear models predicting daily peritoneal protein clearance (square root transformed) demonstrating associations with ultrafiltration and sodium removal separately and together

VariableModel with Daily Sodium LossModel with Daily UFModel with UF and Sodium Loss
CoefficientSEMP ValueCoefficientSEMP ValueCoefficientSEMP Value
PSTR (for each 0.1 increase)0.470.11<0.010.460.11<0.010.400.10<0.01
Comorbidity score (for each 1 unit increase)−0.130.2 0.5−0.160.21 0.43−0.140.19 0.46
Sex (if female)−0.180.38 0.63−0.310.4 0.43−0.140.37 0.71
Age (year)<0.05
UF capacity on PET (for each 100-ml increase)0.040.04 0.12
Urine volume (for each 1000-ml increase)0.40.2<0.050.320.16<
PSTR×PD duration (year 2 versus year 1 for each 0.1 increase)−0.310.14<0.05−−0.280.13<0.05
PSTR×PD duration (year 3 versus year 1 for each 0.1 increase)−0.410.13<0.01−0.400.14<0.01−0.370.13<0.01
PSTR×PD duration (year 4 versus year 1 for each 0.1 increase)−0.310.15<0.05−−0.320.14<0.05
Icodextrin use (versus not used)−−0.010.02 0.54−0.030.21 0.9
Medium glucose exposure (daily average, 1.36% (1.5%)–2.27% (2.5%) (versus low glucose exposure) (n=51)0.020.02 0.430.360.190.05
High glucose exposure (daily average≥2.27%) (versus low glucose exposure) (n=13)−0.010.03 0.780.0090.04 0.810.10.33 0.75
Daily UF (for each 100-ml increase)0.0320.016<0.05−0.150.03<0.01
Daily sodium loss from dialysate (mmol)0.0060.001<<0.01
  • UF, ultrafiltration; PET, peritoneal equilibration test.