Table 7.

Sensitivity, specificity, and area under curve of all-fitted models and combined quadratic and Schwartz formulas to differentiate children with normal (≥90 ml/min per 1.73 m2) from those with abnormal GFR

Fitted Models and Schwartz FormulaSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)AUC (%)
Linear CysC-based model636172
Inverse CysC-based model685371
Logarithmic CysC-based model705471
Quadratic CysC-based model636272
Linear SCreat-based model856086
Quadratic SCreat-based model807486
New combined SCreat and CysC–based quadratic model807786
Combined SCreat, CysC, and BUN–based quadratic model807786
New combined SCreat and CysC–based quadratic formula807786
Combined SCreat and CysC–based logarithmic Schwartz model816886
Combined SCreat and CysC Schwartz formula942078
  • SCreat, serum creatinine; CysC, cystatin C.