Table 3.

Analysis of estimated GFR correlations with sinistrin clearance and accuracy of studied models

Fitted Models and Schwartz FormulaCohen κ CoefficientAccuracy within 10% of iGFR (%)Accuracy within 30% of iGFR (%)
Linear CysC-based model0.244284
Inverse CysC-based model0.214283
Logarithmic CysC-based model0.234284
Quadratic CysC-based model0.244184
Linear SCreat-based model0.464990
Quadratic SCreat-based model0.535293
New combined SCreat and CysC–based quadratic model0.565397
Combined SCreat, CysC, and BUN–based quadratic model0.565397
Combined SCreat and CysC–based logarithmic Schwartz model0.495496
Combined SCreat and CysC Schwartz formula0.153586
  • iGFR, sinistrin clearance; SCreat, serum creatinine; CysC, cystatin C.