Table 2.

Sexual activity and satisfaction

CharacteristicAssessments (n=1721)Womena (n=125)
Sexually inactiveb1380 (81)120 (96)
Reasons for sexual inactivityc
 Experiencing sexual difficulty36 (2)16 (13)
 Lack of interest715 (43)103 (82)
 No partner647 (39)83 (66)
 Partner not interested or able132 (8)27 (22)
 Illness/injury37 (2)20 (16)
 Other36 (2)19 (15)
Overall sexual satisfactiond
 Very satisfied811 (51)52 (42)
 Moderately satisfied209 (13)35 (28)
 About equally satisfied/dissatisfied253 (16)21 (17)
 Moderately dissatisfied131 (8)9 (7)
 Very dissatisfied178 (11)6 (5)
  • Data are presented as n (%).

  • a Data reflect the n (%) of women ever reporting the characteristic with the exception of overall sexual satisfaction, which is the summary of the mean response for each woman.

  • b Sexual activity data are missing from 18 assessments.

  • c Data do not sum to 100% due to the option for women to select more than one reason for sexual inactivity and the selection of no reason for sexual inactivity by most sexually active women. Data on reasons for sexual inactivity are missing from 40 assessments on which women who reported being sexually inactive as well as the 18 assessments that were missing answers on sexual activity.

  • d Percentages do not sum to 100 due to rounding. Data on overall sexual satisfaction were missing on 139 assessments, including all assessments completed by two women.