Table 8.

Main performance of serum creatinine–based Schwartz formula, serum creatinine–based quadratic formula proposed by Gao et al., combined logarithmic Schwartz model with coefficients fitted to current population, combined logarithmic Schwartz formula with original coefficients, and new combined quadratic formula

VariableAccuracy within
10% of iGFR (%)Accuracy within
30% of iGFR (%)
SCreat-based Schwartz formula4588
SCreat-based quadratic formula4490
Combined SCreat and CysC–based logarithmic Schwartz model5496
Combined SCreat and CysC Schwartz formula3586
New combined SCreat and CysC–based quadratic formula5397
  • iGFR, sinistrin clearance; SCreat, serum creatinine; CysC, cystatin C.