Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the patients in the derivation and validation cohorts

CharacteristicsDerivation Cohort (n=698)Validation Cohort (n=702)P Value
Age (yr)36.1±15.433.1±14.2<0.001
Men (%)48.742.20.01
Follow-up (yr)4.7±1.7–9.35.1±3.0–8.60.22
Systolic BP (mmHg)125.8±17.7125.9±19.30.93
Diastolic BP (mmHg)74.8±13.275.2±14.20.57
Hypertensiona (%)
Serum total cholesterol (mg/dl)202.9±49.5198.3±45.10.07
Serum triglycerides (mg/dl)127.2±80.4123.2±94.70.40
Urinary protein excretion levels (%)
 <0.5 g/24 hr38.036.6<0.001
 0.5–1.0 g/24 hr23.416.8
 1.0–3.5 g/24 hr31.134.6
 ≥3.5 g/24 hr7.512.0
Estimated GFR (%)
 ≥60 ml/min per 1.73 m272.574.70.73
 30–59 ml/min per 1.73 m222.220.8
 15–29 ml/min per 1.73 m24.33.4
 <15 ml/min per 1.73 m21.01.1
Pathologic measures (Oxford classification) (%)
 Mesangial hypercellularity score
  M0 (≤0.5 of glomeruli)87.887.80.99
  M1 (>0.5 of glomeruli)12.212.2
 Endocapillary hypercellularity
  E0 (absence)64.358.10.02
  E1 (presence)35.741.9
 Segmental glomerulosclerosis
  S0 (absence)29.720.8<0.001
  S1 (presence)70.379.2
 Tubular atrophy/interstitial fibrosis
  T0 (≤25%)78.970.7<0.001
  T1 (26%–50%)14.017.5
  T2 (>50%)7.011.8
  • Values given are means ± SD or percentages.

  • a Hypertension was defined as BP≥140/90 mmHg and/or current treatment with antihypertensive agents.