Table 1.

Overview of Analysis

We compared a strategy of paying all living kidney donors $10,000 with the current organ donation system in dialysis patients who are waitlisted for transplantation.
In the base case estimate, we assumed that the number of donors each year would increase by 5%—representing an additional five paid living donors in a hypothetical 100 transplant/yr program—if $10,000 was offered, but we also considered a wide range of estimates, acknowledging significant uncertainty in the true effectiveness of such a strategy.
Transplantation rates and survival on the waitlist were estimated from a large contemporary cohort of waitlisted dialysis patients, whereas patient and graft survival after transplantation were estimated from a national cohort of patients with ESRD.
The cost of dialysis and transplantation were taken from recently published Canadian data.
This information was combined with decision analysis to examine the cost-effectiveness of a strategy of paying living donors