Table 4.

Cost-effectiveness of a paid living donor strategy with payments to living donors of $10,000 (assuming increases in the probability of transplantation of 5%, 10%, and 20%)

All PatientsIncremental CostaIncremental QALYsaCost per QALY
5% increase in transplants (baseline)b−$3400.11Dominantc
10% increase in transplants−$16360.21Dominantc
20% increase in transplants−$40270.39Dominantc
  • QALY, quality-adjusted life year.

  • a Over a patient lifetime

  • b A 5% increase in transplants corresponds to an additional five living donors through the paid living donor strategy every year for a kidney transplant program with 100 transplants/yr.

  • c The strategy is cost-savings and improves outcomes.