Table 4.

Pooled correlational analyses among changes in left and right ventricular end diastolic volumes and changes in potential mediators adjusting for treatment group

Interdialytic Weight GainPredialysis Systolic BPPredialysis Phosphate
Daily trial
 Log LVEDVR=0.08, P=0.28R=0.39, P<0.001R=0.05, P=0.49
 Log RVEDVR=0.14, P=0.06R=0.23, P=0.002R=−0.11, P=0.13
Nocturnal trial
 Log LVEDVR=−0.31, P=0.008R=0.28, P=0.02R=−0.22, P=0.07
 Log RVEDVR=−0.34, P=0.004R=0.22, P=0.06R=−0.22, P=0.07
  • Partial Pearson correlations relating changes in left and right ventricular end diastolic volumes to changes in potential mediators from baseline to 12 months. Because the partial correlations are adjusted for treatment group, they reflect the average association within the two treatment groups, but they do not reflect differences in mean changes between the two groups. The 12-month values of interdialytic weight gain, predialysis systolic BP, and predialysis phosphate used to compute changes from baseline were taken as values from the 12-month visits without averaging values from neighboring months. LVEDV, left ventricular end diastolic volume; RVEDV, right ventricular end diastolic volume.