Table 5.

Adverse events observed during adrenocorticotropic hormone therapy

Steroid-like Adverse EventsEvents (n)Patients Experiencing Event (n)
 Swelling/edema/volume overload/weight gain55
 Increased energy44
 Mood alteration/anxiety/increased energy44
 Elevated BP33
 Increased appetite11
 Face swelling11
 Hyperglycemia/diabetes (reversible)11
Other reported adverse events
 Sinus congestion/rhinorrhea/upper respiratory tract symptoms44
 Muscle cramps44
 Pain/bruising at injection site22
 Tanning of skin22
 Slow wound healing11
 Redness of face on injection days11
 Intermittent chest discomfort11
 Loose stools11
 Shortness of breath after injection11
Total events (n)52
  • a Patient 6 was clinically diagnosed with pneumonia and treated empirically with azithromycin. No chest radiography was performed.