Table 2.

Mean and range of normal serum anion gap in selected studies

Population (n)Anion Gap Mean and Range of Values (mEq/L)Laboratory MethodReference
488 patients with normal electrolytes15±2.5 (10–20)Technicon SMA 6/60 continuous flow analyzerBuckley-Sharp and Miller (16)
100 patients with normal electrolytes11±2.5 (6–16)Technicon SMA 6/60 continuous flow analyzerFrohlich et al. (17)
1200 patients with normal electrolytes: Summary of three studies12±2.0Technicon SMA 6/60 continuous flow analyzerEmmett and Narins (3)
29 healthy volunteers6.4±1.4Astra ion electrodeWinter et al. (18)
124 healthy volunteers(5–12)Beckman ion electrodeLolekha et al. (19)
18,987 patients who received care between 1997 and 200710–18?Lipnick et al. (20)