Table 4.

Temporal relationship between C-reactive protein and anti–double-stranded DNA antibody

DsDNABefore CRP >0.8 mg/dl (%)After CRP >0.8 mg/dl (%)Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)P Value (Fisher exact test)
>10 IU/ml92 (12/13)8 (1/13)144 (8.0 to 2578)<0.001
>4 IU/ml55 (12/13)5 (1/13)144 (8.0 to 2578)<0.001
>2 IU/ml100 (14/14)0 (0/14)225 (12.9 to 3940)a<0.001
>0 IU/ml100 (17/17)0 (0/17)324 (18.8 to 5589)a<0.001
  • Antecedent elevation of C-reactive protein or anti–double-stranded DNA antibodies above the specified threshold could not be established for all patients. If both became elevated in the same sample or if neither was elevated in any sample, no antecedent elevation was determined. Total patients vary in some groups because more patients demonstrated a clear antecedent elevation of anti–double-stranded DNA antibody when thresholds were set lower. Percentages are accompanied by n/n in parentheses. dsDNA, double-stranded DNA; CRP, C-reactive protein.

  • a Estimated because of actual infinite value.