Table 5.

Reclassification based on fibroblast growth factor 23 levels

Without FGF23With FGF23 (n)Total (n)
Estimated risk of cardiovascular mortalitya
 Patients with cardiovascular mortality
 Patients without cardiovascular mortality
Estimated risk of all-cause mortalityd
 Patients with all-cause mortality
 Patients without all-cause mortality
  • Multivariate model adjusted for Framingham risk factors (recipient age and sex, systolic BP, antihypertensive treatment use, smoking status, diabetes mellitus, plasma total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol) with or without plasma C-terminal fibroblast growth factor 23 level. FGF23, fibroblast growth factor 23.

  • a Net reclassification improvement was 0.07 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.01 to 0.14; P<0.05).

  • b Numbers of patients who were correctly reclassified by the model with FGF23.

  • c Numbers of patients who were incorrectly reclassified by the model with FGF23.

  • d Net reclassification improvement was 0.11 (95% CI, 0.05 to 0.18; P<0.001).