Table 1.

Comparison of study population characteristics with national Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients data

CharacteristicSRTR Data (n=77,702)Nationwide Inpatient Sample (n=69,117)P Value
Mean age ± SEM (yr)40.3±0.0440.1±0.09a0.18
Age > 50 yr (%)21.621.40.97
Race/ethnicity (%)<0.001
 African Americanb13.111.6
Women (%)b59.159.00.13
  • SRTR, Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

  • a SDs not directly estimable because of sampling design; the SEM estimate includes variability derived from sampling design.

  • b Limited to nonmissing values; n=4078 missing values for race/ethnicity and n=459 missing values for gender from the National Inpatient Sample data.