Table 2.

Selected palliative care quality metrics

DomainProcess MeasureOutcome MeasureExample Data Collection Tools
Symptom assessment at initial encounterFrequency of documentationSymptom scoresModified Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale
Daily reassessment for moderate to severe symptomsFrequency of documentationChange in symptom scores over timePalliative Care Outcome Scale
Reassessment of all symptoms every 3 daysFrequency of documentationChange in symptom scores over timeDialysis Symptom Index
McGill Pain Questionnaire
Patient Health Questionnaire-9
Goals of care/goals of treatmentDocumentation frequency or documentation that the patient did not want to discussPhysician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)
Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST)
Appointment of health care agent
Documentation of goals of care conversations
Documentation of advance care planning
Support to patient and caregiversFrequency of documentationPatient/family satisfaction surveysConsumer Assessments and Reports of End of Life (CARE)
Bereaved Family Survey (PROMISE)
Family Evaluation of Hospice Care
Family Assessment of Treatment at End-of-Life (FATE-S-VA)
Transition managementFrequency of documentation, advance directives follow patient across care settingsCare Transitions Measure
  • Adapted from Weissman et al. (34).