Table 3.

Relative risk for renal failure for CKD stage and renal relapse in multivariate analysis

CKD StageRelative Risk
(95% Confidence Interval)P Value
416.4 (4.5 to 59.7)<0.001a
543.1 (11.7 to 158.6)<0.001a
Renal relapse3.27 (1.24 to 8.63)0.01a
Mean arterial pressure (per mmHg)0.99 (0.96 to 1.01)0.29
Proteinuria (per g/24 h)1.14 (0.62 to 2.1)0.62
  • Variables in multivariate analysis include time to death, time to start or restart of renal replacement therapy, and relapse as time-dependent variables. Other covariates are age, sex, ANCA specificity, dialysis at diagnosis, nonrenal relapse, hypertension, and proteinuria and eGFR at 6 months.

  • a Statistically significant.