Table 1.

Demographic data of the study population

DemographicFSGS; n=20Non-FSGS Glomerular Disease; n=24Nonglomerular CKD; n=26Healthy Controls;
 n=29P Value
Age (yr)12.1±5.010.9±6.714.0±5.1n/a0.14
 Male12 (60) 13 (54)18 (69)n/a0.51
 Female8 (40)11 (46)8 (31)
 Black6 (30)7 (29)3 (11)n/a0.14
 Caucasian8 (40)8 (33)15 (58)
Latino6 (30)9 (38)7 (27)
  • Data are presented as mean ± SD or n (%). N=110 samples in 99 patients. In repetitive studies for a given patient, there was a minimum of a 14-day interval. Because we performed a retrospective, de-identified analysis for the healthy controls, we could not ascertain ethnicity, age, and sex. P values represent comparisons between groups: FSGS, Non-FSGS Glomerular Disease, Nonglomerular CKD. n/a, not available.