Table 3.

Adverse events and causes of study withdrawal

Adverse Events and Causes of Study WithdrawalPlacebo (n)Cholecalciferol (n)
Falls during the study period25
Fractures during the study period01
Serum Ca >10.4 mg/dl on ≥1 occasions23
Serum PO4 >5.0 mg/dl on ≥1 occasions2017
Gastrointestinal events (study withdrawal); withdrawal due to other causesa3 (2); 03 (2); 2
Positive blood cultures/central venous catheter sepsis11
Withdrawal due to deathb11
Withdrawal due to transplant (n=2) or major surgery (n=1)03
Loss to follow-up31
  • There were no significant differences between the groups. Multiply by 0.25 to convert calcium values to mmol/L, and multiply by 0.32 to convert phosphorus values to mmol/L.

  • a Dizziness or breathlessness after medication.

  • b One cerebrovascular and one cardiovascular death.