Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of recipients on acute RRT (≤90 days) at LT

FactorMedian (Q1–Q3) or n (%) (N=2112)
Age at LT (yr)53 (46–58)
Male sex1275 (60)
 Caucasian1475 (70)
 African American160 (8)
 Hispanic376 (18)
 Other101 (5)
Hepatitis C768 (36)
Status-1a373 (18)
 ICU1256 (59)
 Non-ICU679 (32)
On life support854 (40)
Re-LT335 (16)
Pre-LT diabetes265 (13)
Laboratory MELD at LT39 (35–40)
  • RRT, renal replacement therapy; LT, liver transplantation; ICU, intensive care unit; MELD, Model for End-Stage Liver Disease.

  • a Status-1 is the highest priority on the waiting list category for the liver transplant candidates with fulminant liver failure with a life expectancy without a liver transplant of <7 days.