Table 3.

Baseline fractional excretions of renal damage markers of participants with progressive albuminuria (progressors, n=183) and their matched controls (n=366, matched for baseline albuminuria, age, and sex)

Marker (%)ProgressorsMatched ControlsP Value
 IgG8.0×10−5 (5.0–15×10−5)5×10−5 (2–16×10−5)<0.001
 IgG41.1×10−4 (0–4.0×10−4)1.0×10−4 (0–4.2×10−4)0.59
Proximal tubular
 KIM-1 13.9 (0.9–1713)1095 (5.2–4368)<0.001
 CysC0.01 (0–0.02)0.01 (0–0.02)0.58
 β2MG0.04 (0.01–0.20)0.07 (0.02–0.36)0.03
 NAG1.2×10−3 (0–3.1×10−2)55×10−3 (0–0.16)<0.001
 NGAL0.04 (0.02–0.07)0.05 (0.03–0.10)<0.01
 MCP-17.0 (3.6–11.3)17.5 (11.1–28.5)<0.001
Distal tubular
 H-FABP1.31 (0.23–6.71)0.69 (0.09–3.86)0.03
  • Data are expressed as a percentage of creatinine excretion and are presented as the median (25th percentile–75th percentile). P values are calculated using the Mann–Whitney U test. KIM-1, kidney injury molecule-1; CysC, cystatin C; β2MG, β2-microglobulin; NAG, N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase; NGAL, neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin; MCP-1 monocyte chemoattractant protein-1; H-FABP, heart-type fatty acid-binding protein.