Table 1.

Patient distribution according to cause of solitary functioning kidney

Type of Solitary Functioning KidneyPatients, n (%)
Congenital solitary functioning kidney26 (34)
 Unilateral renal agenesis/aplasia13 (17)
 Multicystic dysplastic kidney13 (17)
Acquired solitary functioning kidney51 (66)
 Vesicoureteral reflux with or without history of pyelonephritis28 (36)
 Obstructive nephropathy13 (17)
 Renal malignancy10 (13)
  Total77 (100)
  • Obstructive nephropathy includes pelviureteric junction obstruction (n=8), posterior urethral valves (n=3), duplex kidney (n=1), and ureterovesical junction obstruction (n=1). Renal malignancy encompasses Wilms tumor (n=9) and mesoblastic nephroma (n=1).