Table 4.

Association of baseline characteristics with likelihood of ≥3 mEq/L increment in serum bicarbonate

CharacteristicOR (95% CI)P Value
Age (per 10 years)1.32 (0.56–3.12)0.53
Male sex (versus female)4.20 (0.59–30.10)0.15
Hispanic (versus black)0.46 (0.08–2.76)0.39
Body mass index (per kg/m2)0.81 (0.64–1.04)0.10
Systolic BP (per 10 mmHg)1.15 (0.57–2.32)0.69
Diastolic BP (per 5 mmHg)0.88 (0.48–1.63)0.69
Edema (versus no edema)0.06 (0.01–0.57)0.01
Baseline serum bicarbonate (per mEq/L)0.73 (0.43–1.21)0.22
eGFR (per 10 ml/min per 1.73 m2)0.93 (0.34–2.59)0.89
Adherence (above versus below median)1.50 (0.26–8.82)0.65
  • Reference categories for categorical variables are female sex, black race, and no edema. Adherence was categorized as ≥98% of pills taken versus <98% of pills taken based on the median adherence of the study participants (98%). OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; eGFR, estimated GFR.