Table 2.

Effect of oral sodium bicarbonate on muscle strength

OutcomePlaceboEnd of StudyChange (95% Confidence Interval)P Value
Sit-to-stand time (s)
 5 repetition11.7±2.811.0±3.2−0.7 (−0.2 to −1.1)0.01
 10 repetition23.8±1.422.2±1.6−1.6 (−0.7 to −2.5)0.002
Handgrip strength (kg)29.5±9.628.4±9.4−1.1 (−2.4 to 0.3)0.12
  • Data are expressed as mean ± SD unless otherwise noted. Muscle strength testing was not performed in one participant because of functional limitations. Baseline values for strength testing were defined using data after 2 weeks of placebo administration (visit 2). End-of-study values were defined using visit 5 data, except for in two participants who completed only four visits; for these participants, end-of-study values were from their last visit.