Table 2.

Learner preparedness for communication tasks before and after course

“Overall How Well Prepared Do You Feel to...”Before CourseaAfter CourseaP Valueb
Give bad news to a family member about their loved one’s illness3.364.36<0.001
Express empathy3.954.450.001
Conduct a family meeting3.34.09<0.001
Discuss various treatment options with families of critically ill patients3.554.230.003
Discuss discontinuing or not initiating dialysis3.144.27<0.001
Respond to family members who want treatments that you believe are not indicated, specifically dialysis initiation3.004.14<0.001
Respond to families who deny the seriousness of their loved one’s illness3.004.14<0.001
Discuss religious or spiritual issues with families2.913.91<0.001
Elicit a family’s concerns at the end of a patient’s life3.184.27<0.001
  • a Mean response as indicated on Likert scale: 1=not well prepared, 3=somewhat prepared, 5=very well prepared.

  • b P<0.05 is considered significant.