Table 3.

Independent associations of early (dialysis vintage≤1 year) versus preemptive deceased donor kidney transplant timing with patient mortality and death-censored graft loss, 1995–2011

Adjustment TypePopulation AnalyzedDeath (Hazard Ratio, 95% Confidence Interval)Death-Censored Graft Loss (Hazard Ratio,95% Confidence Interval)
MultivariableaFull populationb1.06 (0.99–1.12, P=0.07)1.23 (1.15–1.32, P<0.001)
SRTRFull populationb1.09 (1.03–1.16, P=0.005)1.25 (1.17–1.33, P<0.001)
PropensityPropensity matchedc1.06 (0.99–1.14, P=0.06)1.21 (1.12–1.30, P<0.001)
Multivariablea10-variable matchedd1.05 (0.97–1.13, P=0.20)1.26 (1.17–1.36, P<0.001)
MultivariableaRecipients under 65 yr1.03 (0.96–1.10, P=0.50)1.25 (1.16–1.34, P<0.001)
MultivariableaRecipients ages 65 yr and older1.19 (1.05–1.35, P=0.007)1.12 (0.92–1.35, P=0.30)
  • a Adjusted for all variables listed in Table 2 with the exception of blood type.

  • b All early or preemptive deceased donor transplant recipients (n=25,420).

  • c Propensity score-matched population (n=18,976).

  • d Matched on sex, race/ethnicity, diabetes status, hepatitis C status, private insurance status, zero-antigen mismatch status, donor age, recipient age, transplant year, and waiting time (n=18,168).