Table 3.

Recommended and actual energy and protein intake in patients with injury/failure versus no AKI/risk in the first 5 days of PICU stay

No AKI/RiskInjury/FailureP Value
Injury/Failure versus No AKIa
BMR (kcal/kg per day)48.5 (38.2–53.9)46.3 (33.2–54.5)0.39
Actual energy intake (kcal/kg per day)24.9 (9.3–56.3)b16.0 (5.5–46.5)b0.03
BMR (%)58.2 (22.4–114.7)35.4 (14.8–99.7)0.04
Recommended protein intake (g/kg per day)2.5 (1.8–2.5)1.8 (1.8–2.5)0.75
Actual protein intake (g/kg per day)0.50 (0–1.36)b0 (0–1.50)b0.09
Protein needs (%)22.5 (0–60.0)c0 (0–67.0)c0.09
  • Data are medians (25th–75th percentiles). BMR is estimated by the Schofield equation. PICU, pediatric intensive care unit; BMR, basal metabolic rate.

  • a Mann-Whitney test.

  • b Actual energy or protein intake versus BMR or recommended protein intake, respectively. Wilcoxon signed rank test (P<0.001).

  • c Percentage of protein needs versus percentage BMR. Wilcoxon signed rank test (P<0.001).