Table 4.

ORs for nutrition support in PICU patients with injury/failure compared with no AKI/risk

Patient-Days% (n)% (n)OR (95% CI)p
Nutrition support statusOral, enteral, or parental nutritionNPO
 No AKI/risk71.4 (507)28.6 (203)1
 Injury/failure52.4 (54)47.6 (49)2.3 (1.5–3.4)<0.001
Caloric intake≥90% BMR<90% BMR
 No AKI/risk36.3 (264)63.7 (463)1
 Injury/failure25.7 (27)74.3 (78)1.6 (1.0–2.6)0.04
Protein intake≥90% estimated needs<90% estimated needs
 No AKI/risk12.1 (88)87.9 (641)1
 Injury/failure13.3 (14)86.7 (91)0.9 (0.5–1.6)0.71
  • BMR is estimated by the Schofield equation (16), whereas protein intake is estimated by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition guidelines for critically ill children (17). OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; PICU, pediatric intensive care unit; NPO, nothing by mouth; BMR, basal metabolic rate.