Table 2.

Clinical details

PatientSexEthnicityAge at Onset (yr or mo)Familial (Family a, b, c, d, or e) or SporadicPhenotypeLength of Follow-Up (Yr)Current CKD StageTime to ESRF (mo)Disease Recurrence if Transplanted
1FNABirthFam (a)C71n/an/a
2MIn1 moSC65 (HD)42n/a
3FW2 moSC33n/an/a
4FNA3 moFam (a)C101n/an/a
5MIn3 moFam (b)P
6FW11 moFam (c)P133n/an/a
7MPa1 yrSP6512No
8FW2 yrSP25 (PD)6n/a
9FW2 yrFam (c)P21n/an/a
10MW2 yrFam (c)P113n/an/a
11FMix2 yrSP21n/an/a
12MIn2 yrSP9520Yes
13FW2 yrSP4557n/a
14MW2 yrSP31n/an/a
15MW2 yrSP105 (Tx)36Yes
16FW4 yrSSYN6522Yes
17FNA4 yrSP31n/an/a
18FW4 yrSP62n/an/a
19MNA5 yrFam (d)P41n/an/a
20FW5 yrSP21n/an/a
21MW6 yrSP105 (Tx)24Yes
22FW6 yrSP35 (Tx)18Yes
23FIn6 yrFam (e)P31n/an/a
24MW7 yrSP75 (PD)78n/a
25FW8 yrSP21n/an/a
26MW9 yrSP141n/an/a
27MW10 yrSP65 (Tx)34Yes
28FW10 yrSP51n/an/a
29MNA10 yrFam (d)P42n/an/a
30MNA11 yrFam (a)P52n/an/a
31MW12 yrSSYN558No
32FIn12 yrSP11n/an/a
33FPa13 yrSP11n/an/a
34FW13 yrSP11n/an/a
35FW14 yrSP21n/an/a
36MW16 yrSS21n/an/a
  • Clinical details per patient. C, congenital nephrotic syndrome; ESRF, end stage renal failure; F, female; Fam, familial; HD, hemodialysis; In, Indian subcontinent; M, male; Mix, mixed Caucasian and Afro Caribbean; NA, North African; n/a, not applicable; P, primary steroid resistance; Pa, Pakistani; PD, peritoneal dialysis; S, sporadic; SYN, syndrome with associated steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome; Tx, transplanted; W, white.