Table 1.

Comparison of baseline characteristics between hypothyroid patients and euthyroid controls

Euthyroid (n=2365)Hypothyroid (n=350)P Value
Thyrotropin (mIU/L)
 p25, p751.19, 2.696.06, 12.3N/A
 Minimum to maximum0.40–5.215.03–520N/A
Age (yr)63.1±15.764.7±14.30.08
Female sex43.9%46.3%0.40
Nonwhite race38.0%29.1%0.001
Hospitalized for noncardiovascular indication in preceding yeara42.0%42.9%0.70
Cerebrovascular diseasea32.5%34.3%0.50
Coronary artery diseasea64.3%70.0%0.04
Congestive heart failurea64.5%76.3%<0.001
Hospitalized for cardiovascular indication in preceding yeara12.7%17.7%0.01
Baseline use of exogenous thyroid hormone13.7%41.7%<0.001
Date of ESRD diagnostic code0.40
  • Thyroid functional status categorizations: euthyroid (referent group; thyrotropin within reference range) and hypothyroid (thyrotropin greater than upper limit normal). Data presented as mean ± SD or percent, except where indicated. Significance testing by two-sample t tests or chi-squared tests. N/A, not applicable.

  • a Ascertained using International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision diagnostic codes.