Table 1.

Characteristics of first-time deceased donor kidney transplant recipients by transplant timing

Preemptive Transplants≤1-Yr Dialysis Vintage>1-Yr Dialysis Vintage
N10,992 (9.0%)14,428 (11.8%)96,433 (79.1%)
Recipient age (yr)52.7 (12.5)50.6 (13.2)50.9 (13.0)
Sex (%)
Race/ethnicity (%)
 African American4.76.788.6
Body mass index (kg/m2)27.1 (4.9)26.8 (4.9)27.2 (5.0)
Last PRA (%)
Hepatitis C status (%)
Previous (nonkidney) transplant (%)
Poor functional status (%)
Insurance type (%)
Etiology of renal disease (%)
 Polycystic kidney disease16.215.168.7
 Interstitial disease14.112.773.2
Blood type (%)
Waiting time (yr)1.3 (1.5)0.8 (1.1)2.2 (1.7)
Center median wait (yr)3.4 (1.5)3.2 (1.5)3.5 (1.6)
Cold ischemia time (h)18.1 (9.0)18.8 (8.9)19.1 (9.2)
Donor age (yr)36.5 (16.8)36.8 (17.2)38.1 (17.1)
Zero HLA mismatch (%)
ECD transplant (%)
DCD (%)
CDC high risk (%)
  • For continuous variables, values reflect the cell-wise mean (SD). For categorical variables, percentage reflects the row-wise percentage. P values<0.05 for all comparisons except donor age between preemptive and early transplant recipients (P=0.20). PRA, percent reactive antibody, ECD, expanded criteria donor; DCD, declared cardiac death donor; CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.