Table 2.

Comparison between stenotic and contralateral kidney in patients with unilateral ARAS (n=12 patients)

Measured VariableStenotic KidneyContralateral KidneyP
Renal blood flow (ml/min)241.9±149.1365.6±173.70.004
Kidney volume (cm3)111±46.4154.1±53.40.01
Single-kidney GFR (ml/min)27.8±17.141±19.40.01
Renal vein PO2 (mmHg)68.9±8.463.9±8.20.01
Renal vein TGF-β (ng/ml)1659.9±1514.62126.5±3015.50.25
Renal vein PRA (ng Ang 1/ml/h)20.6±21.515.3±17.60.07
Kidney size (long axis, cm)10.1±1.511.1±1.20.04
Cortical R2* sec−1 18.4±3.117.6±2.30.08
Medullary R2* sec−139.3±640.6±4.10.34
  • ARAS, atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis; PRA, plasma renin activity; R2*, coefficient of magnetic-field “relaxivity” proportional to the deoxyhemoglobin level.