Table 1.

Clinical features and pertinent findings of the four patients

Age (yr)20232630
Clinical featuresNausea, vomiting × 2 dNausea, vomiting × 2 dNausea, vomiting, diarrhea × 2 dNausea, vomiting, diarrhea × 3 d
Admission creatinine9.
Peak creatinine13.715.213.33.2
Discharge creatinine2.911.58.62.4
Renal biopsyATNATNATNNot done
Urine drug screenNegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
White blood cell count (103/mm3)12.411.912.38.1
Hemoglobin (g/dl)13.012.912.016.8
Serum calcium (mg/dl)
Serum phosphorus (mg/dl)
Creatine phosphokinase (U/L)357173Not done144
  • Serologies including antinuclear antibody, ANCA, anti-glomerular basement membrane, viral hepatitis panel, and HIV were negative in all four patients. ATN, acute tubular necrosis.

  • a Proteinuria measured in grams/gram of creatinine on a spot urine collection.

  • b Proteinuria measured in grams/gram of creatinine in a 24-hour collection.