Table 3.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with severe infectious complications

VariableSevere InfectionNo Severe InfectionP Value
Age at diagnosis58±1153±150.06
Men (%)56480.47
White (%)91900.84
Diabetes (%)670.87
Anti–PR3-ANCA (%)56700.21
BVAS at diagnosis7.8±4.37.7±3.10.90
eGFR at diagnosis29±2958±430.001
Dialysis at start (%)42180.02
Dialysis at end of follow-up (%)1870.10
Pulmonary hemorrhage (%)22200.80
 Pulse methylprednisolone (%)67550.28
 Initial dose of prednisone (mg/kg)1.0±0.70.9±0.30.25
 Duration (mo)23 (12–50)13 (8–29)0.04
Plasmapheresis (%)23250.80
Other immunosuppressant
  CYC/MTX (%)91/384/90.53
  Initial dose CYC (mg/kg)1.4±0.51.7±0.40.06
  CYC/MTX/AZA (%)42/12/3139/15/390.79
 Total duration (mo)24 (15–59)15 (9–29)0.09
Neutropenia (%)24150.28
Lymphopenia (%)
 Moderate, but never severe2245
  • Unless otherwise noted, values are expressed as mean ± SD or median (interquartile range). BVAS, Birmingham vasculitis activity score; eGFR, estimated GFR; CYC, cyclophosphamide; MTX, methotrexate; AZA, azathioprine.