Table 1.

Comparison of 6S and CHEST trials

Total patients (n)7987000
Patients with sepsis (n)7981937
Time from ICU admission to enrollment (h)411
Ratio of HES to crystalloid first 24 h1:11:1.2
Differences in CVP responseNoYes
Carrier solutionRinger’s acetate0.9% saline
Starch originPotatoCorn
Results (HES versus comparator)
 RR for AKI1.03 (0.90–1.17); P=0.70.94 (0.90–0.98); P=0.007
 RR for use of RRT (95% CI)1.35 (1.01–1.80); P=0.041.21 (1.00–1.45); P=0.04
 RR for death by 90 d (95% CI)1.17 (1.01–1.36); P=0.031.06 (0.96–1.18); P=0.26
  • ICU, intensive care unit; HES, hydroxyethyl starch; CVP, central venous pressure; RR, relative risk; RRT, renal replacement therapy; CI, confidence interval.