Table 3.

Changes in body composition, nutrient intake, muscle strength, and muscle fiber cross-sectional area

ParameterOxymetholone (n=19)Placebo (n=22)Difference between Groups in the Mean Change from Baseline (95% CI)
Body composition
 Body weight (kg)
  Week 2455.7±8.357.5±8.6
  Change from baseline0.8±3.0−0.5±1.81.29 (−0.31 to 2.89)
 Fat-free mass (kg)
  Week 2441.4±7.7a42.8±7.1
  Change from baseline3.2±1.7b0.7±1.22.59 (1.65–3.53)b
 Fat mass (kg)
  Week 2411.6±6.2c12.1±6.5
  Change from baseline−1.7±2.4b−0.4±1.1−1.32 (−2.54 to −0.10)b
Nutrient intake
 Energy intake (kcal/kg per d)
  Week 2419.8±7.621.3±8.5
  Change from baseline−2.4±5.9b2.2±6.5−4.59 (−8.55 to −0.63)b
 Protein intake (g/kg per d)
  Week 241.2±0.3a1.2±0.3a
  Change from baseline0.2±0.30.1±0.20.07 (−0.08 to 0.22)
Handgrip strength (kg)
 Week 2428.6±10.1c31.1±9.7
 Change from baseline2.3±4.8b−0.3±3.12.61 (0.08–5.14)b
Quality of life (SF-36)
 Physical component
  Week 2463.0±15.6c69.9±14.6
  Change from baseline7.1±10.36.0±15.11.11 (−7.21 to 9.43)
 Mental component
  Week 2463.8±14.3c72.5±12.7
  Change from baseline5.3±9.15.7±14.6−0.40 (−8.01 to 7.21)
Muscle fiber type (cross-sectional area)
 Type I
  Week 2493.3±29.473.9±19.4c
  Change from baseline10.8±30.6d−14.9±25.625.66 (7.92–43.40)b
 Type II
  Week 2469.4±32.461.5±10.6c
  Change from baseline−3.0±33.4−12.1±19.69.06 (−8.80 to 26.92)
  • Data are mean ± SD. Measurements were made at the time of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scanning on the day after a hemodialysis treatment. CI, confidence interval; SF-36, short-form health survey with only 36 questions.

  • a Compared with placebo: P<0.05.

  • b Week 24 value compared with baseline: P<0.01.

  • c Compared with placebo: P<0.01.

  • d Week 24 value compared with baseline: P<0.05.