Table 2.

Sequentially adjusted models of the association of albuminuria (>30 mg/g creatinine) with incident risk of hip and pelvic fracture among ONTARGET and TRANSCEND participants without a history of hip or pelvic fractures before study entry stratified by the absence or presence of albuminuria at baseline

VariablesM1: HR (95% CI)M2: HR (95% CI)M3: HR (95% CI)
BL ALB+ versus BL ALB−1.62 (1.22–2.15), P<0.0011.48 (1.12–1.97), P=0.0061.35 (1.00–1.82), P=0.05
Age (yr)1.10 (1.08–1.11), P≤0.0011.09 (1.07–1.11), P≤0.001
Female versus male2.62 (2.06–3.33), P≤0.0012.63 (2.01–3.45), P≤0.001
Asian versus European1.23 (0.89–1.69), P=0.221.07 (0.76–1.49), P=0.71
Other versus European0.89 (0.62–1.28), P=0.540.89 (0.62–1.28), P=0.53
BMI<20 versus BMI≥303.55 (2.00–6.30), P≤0.001
BMI=20 to <30 versus BMI≥301.39 (1.03–1.88), P=0.03
History of diabetes1.34 (1.03–1.75), P=0.03
History of CVD1.19 (0.77–1.83), P=0.44
Current versus never smoker1.14 (0.74–1.77), P=0.55
Former versus never smoker0.99 (0.75–1.31), P=0.94
BL eGFR MDRD<30 versus ≥601.65 (0.67–4.08), P=0.28
BL eGFR MDRD=30 and <45 versus ≥601.30 (0.85–1.99), P=0.22
BL eGFR MDRD≥45 and <60 versus ≥601.14 (0.86–1.51), P=0.36
Alcohol ≥3 drinks/d (21 drinks/wk)0.99 (0.36–2.68), P=0.98
Physical activity less than once a week0.97 (0.76–1.25), P=0.82
Ramipril (OT) versus placebo (TR)1.15 (0.72–1.84), P=0.56
Telmisartan (OT + TR) versus placebo (TR)1.23 (0.79–1.93), P=0.36
Combination (OT) versus placebo (TR)1.48 (0.93–2.33), P=0.10
  • Participants were followed for 4.6 years. All participants had baseline albuminuria and eGFR levels and 2-year eGFR values. eGFR is ml/min per 1.73m2 ONTARGET, Ongoing Telmisartan Alone and in combination with Ramipril Global End Point Trial; TRANSCEND, Telmisartan Randomized Assessment Study in ACE Intolerant Subjects with Cardiovascular Disease; M, model; HR, hazard ration; CI, confidence interval; BL, baseline; ALB, albuminuria; BMI, body mass index; CVD, coronary artery disease, stroke, or peripheral arterial disease; eGFR, estimated GFR; MDRD, Modification of Diet in Renal Disease; OT, ONTARGET; TR, TRANSCEND.