Table 5.

Changes in serum hormone concentrations

ParameterOxymetholone (n=19)Placebo (n=22)Difference between Groups in the Mean Change from Baseline (95% CI)
Serum testosterone (ng/dl)
  Week 24247.2±207.8a658.1±333.2
  Change from baseline−357.7±91.3b129.8±328.4−487.52 (−638.02 to −336.98)b
  Week 2494.2±73.2115.0±116.5
  Change from baseline26.7±61.819.8±30.06.93 (−25.11 to 38.97)
Serum luteinizing hormone (mIU/L)
  Week 2410.3±18.515.6±11.3
  Change from baseline−6.0±20.41.3±3.4−7.31 (−17.21 to 2.61)
  Week 2474.5±97.020.9±28.1
  Change from baseline12.1±37.10.0±5.112.07 (−5.88 to 30.02)
Serum prostatic surface antigen in males (ng/ml)
 Week 240.3±0.10.6±0.3a
 Change from baseline−0.1±0.1b0.1±0.2−0.23 (−0.32 to −0.14)b
  • Data are mean ± SD. Normal values for testosterone in men and women are 270–1070 and 6–86 ng/dl, respectively. Normal values for luteinizing hormone in men and women during the reproductive years are 3–15 and 5–22 mIU/L, respectively. CI, confidence interval.

  • a Compared with placebo: P<0.05.

  • b Compared with placebo: P<0.01.